Container Lorry Trailer Lock, High Security Hardened Steel Door Lock with Security Graded Padlock and 4 Keys color yellow


Product.Nr.: 127439

EAN: 4048961109482

Manufacturer: JOM Car Parts & Car Hifi GmbH

EUR 89,95
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  • weight 5,8 kg

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product description

A easy solution, container door locks can be moved quickly from one container/ trailer to another. They work by wrapping around the locking bars and 'clamping' them together. An adjustable locking bracket provides flexible operation to suit different sized doors whilst a heavy-duty padlock is used to secure them in place This lock is made from hardened steel for ultimate strength against tampering or cutting. Protect your valuable cargo from theft. The high security grade padlock that is supplied with this lorry trailer container lock is made of a high-grade steel to prevent tampering or cutting. It comes supplied with 4 high security keys and the lock is unpickable by any conventional means The container trailer lock is fully adjustable. This means it is perfect to fit to any conventional container or lorry trailer doors that have handle bars between the widths of 23 centimetres and 43 centimetres The high security padlock supplied with this lock Is covered by a high-grade steel cover. This is specially designed to stop anyone trying to create leverage or pressure on the lock, stop anyone attempting to cut the lock, or anyone trying to break the lock open to gain access to your valuable goods or stow away in your trailer

  • hardened steel
  • 4 high security keys
  • fully adjustable
  • covered by a high-grade steel cover