Gazebo, Tent, Garden pavilion 3 x 6 m, Ø 32x0.8mm, white, 4 side walls/ 2 x window/ 1 x door/ 1 x completely closed, material PE 140G, coated metal bars, metal connections, tent pegs and ropes inclusive


Product.Nr.: 127115

EAN: 4048961087537

Manufacturer: JOM Car Parts & Car Hifi GmbH

EUR 179,95
incl. 16 % VAT

  • Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl
  • weight 39,5 kg

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product description

The big and stable pavilion - for party, hobby and leisure. {%LIST( 3 x 6 meters ground area Can be used also as mobile garage water repellent 140G PE stable metal connections, metal bars 0,8 x 32mm quick and easy mounting )%}

  • 3x6 m floor area, also usable as a mobile garage
  • solid metalic plug connection, coated metal frame 0,8 x32 mm
  • 4 sidewalls, 2 x windows, 1 x door with 2 zippers and 1 x closed
  • material: white, 140G PE, water-repellent
  • easy and fast construction, tent pegs and cords included