Coil spring compressors set, strut compressor set, 8- part steel case for nib sizes diameter of 80-195 mm, fits only for MacPherson spring compressors


Product.Nr.: 127393

EAN: 4048961096072

Manufacturer: JOM Car Parts & Car Hifi GmbH

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  • weight 16,54 kg

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product description

Spring compressor-set in a practical case to mount and dismount the strut at the front- and rear axles for a wide range of car models
Distance piece for tapered springs included, offset 30mm.
Drive wrench size 21.

  • spring compressors set in a case with 3 pair of interchangeable spring plates
  • suitable for a wide range of vehicle types, maximum clamping force approx. 1 t
  • distance piece for tapered springs included
  • 3 pair spring plates, bearing surfaces 65 - 125 mm, 88 - 160 mm and 125 - 214 mm
  • work area: approx. 300 mm, tolerance 5 mm, weight: approx. 15 kg